Corona crisis: It’s going the right way in Spain … finally.

6 Apr | 7 min read

With reservations and crossed fingers: things are going the right way in Spain – For the third day in a row the number of dead falls.

Spain is closed down and the country continues to be. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday that he will maintain a national shutdown until April 26. There are many indications that the shutdown of the community has affected the spread of the Corona virus.

Both the number of dead and hospitalized are still rising, but not at all with the same urgency as they did just a few days ago. It is now three weeks since Spain began to shut down the community, and on national television, Prime Minister Sanchez said on Saturday, that the restrictions have begun to show effect. He also stressed that this will not be the last time that the shutdown will be extended. We are stronger than we think, but we must endure, Sanchez said, according to Reuters news agency.

674 people infected with coronavirus have died in Spain in the last day. It is a fall for the third day in a row, with 809 deaths recorded on Saturday, and on Friday the figure was 932. The positive rates and trends are something you are very conscious of in Spain.That is what they have been waiting for. There has been a long period where it has looked the least hopeless, but it looks like it’s peaking now. And this is actually exactly as expected. It happened exactly on the same day as in Italy. Day number 18 after Lock Down. It was on April 2, and something really happened here too, the daily number of deaths has fallen ever since, he says.

In Spain, it has thus been the authorities’ expectation and quiet hope that the curve should peak this particular weekend. It is celebrated in Spain in the slightly mellow and tangled way one can celebrate something when there are still several hundred daily deaths. – But it is a turning point, a milestone. Now a new leaf is turning, and there is still a long way to go, he says.

With Sunday’s update, the total death toll is up to 12,418 in Spain. Spain is one of the countries most affected by the global Corona pandemic. Over the past 24 hours, 6,023 have been tested positive for the virus in Spain, bringing the total number of infected to 130,759.

Spain is currently the country in the world with the second most deaths infected with coronavirus. Also relatively relative to the number of inhabitants, it looks critical; Spain is the country with the most deaths per million inhabitants. Since March 14, the country’s citizens have been ordered to stay home and move out only to buy food and medicine. And it hurts the Spanish economy.

More European leaders today have spoken out warmly to establish an actual EU-Marshall Plan to help member countries through. Including Pedro Sanchez: – Europe must build a war economy and promote European resilience, reconstruction and recovery. It must begin to do so by establishing measures to support public debt as quickly as possible, as many states, including Spain, undertake, he writes in a chronicle in the British newspaper The Guardian, and continues: – And it must continue to do this when this health crisis is over, to rebuild the continent’s economies by mobilizing significant resources through a plan we call the new Marshall Plan, which will require the support of all EU common institutions.

Over a million Spanish workers have lost their jobs since the shutdown of the country began. Among them are approximately 550,000 casual workers. In particular, tourism and construction have been severely affected by the crisis.

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