EUR 200 billion in “crisis package” to Spain

18 Mar | 2 min read

The Spanish government has announced a crisis package totalling 200 billion euros to mitigate the consequences of measures taken to stop Corona infection.

They are distributed as follows:

100 billion goes to companies affected by the measures taken by the government.

18 billion goes to health care receives extra grants, companies have longer deadlines to pay taxes and fees, measures for affected workers, measures against vulnerable families.

80 billion goes to cover financial risk in the form of a mortgage repayment when repayment equals more than 35% of salary. For companies, when income has dropped 40% or more, guarantees of new credit to the company, break on private sector bills

At the same time, it is prohibited for utility companies to turn off lights, water, gas or the Internet to those who do not pay their bills.

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