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14 May | 4 min read

It is now possible to book an Online live viewing with

Many of our customers have a desire to get more information about the home and the area before coming here and look at it themselves – and this need has increased in recent times!

We have therefore chosen to offer ONLINE live viewings for our customers – only by prior arrangement!

How does it take place?

  1. The first thing that happens is that you, together with our area manager, select the properties that you would like to look into.
  2. Together we will arrange a time or a day for you to see the property with us.
  3. We go live with you while we are at home. Here we give you a detailed overview of both the property and the area. You will be able to ask all the questions you may have along the way and get answers live on the go. We will always be able to go back to a room or out on the terrace again and see the view and more. – Because it is interactive, you decide the tempo.
  4. You are now much wiser on the property and the area and are now even more ready to come down to us in Spain and see it all again with your own eyes!
  5. You book a FREE viewing tour with our area manager.
  6. You make the purchase of your dream home in Spain.

Products & Price

We have two products you can choose from.

  1. Book us for a single viewing (1-2 hours duration): 75 euro
  2. Book us a whole day (max 5 properties in the same area): 300 euro

IMPORTANT! The fee will be returned when a property is purchased through

Contact the area manager for more information and further agreement or write to us with your questions and wishes at

See you in Spain 😊

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