International travelers find their way to Spain again

15 Jul | 3 min read

FLIGHTS & TRAVEL: International travelers find their way to Spain again.

Spanish airports are showing clear signs of recovery, but there is still a long way to go. The Spanish airport network Aena has gone from a total of 267,671 passengers in May to over a million in June. They have gone from an average of about 250 daily flights in May to 1,000 in June .

There were 17,686 operations in May and 43,640 in June. Of the total number of registered passengers in June, 717,038 correspond to domestic flights and 317,570 to international ones. It was a decrease of 91 and 98.4 percent, respectively.

In June, a staggering 96.1 percent drop in passenger traffic was recorded compared to the same month last year on the Aena network. At the beginning of July, however, there has already been a doubling with more than 2,000 operations daily. in June, and has screwed up even more here in July.

The busiest Binter carried the most passengers in June and then Ryanair

Madrid-Barajas Airport registered the largest number of passengers in June with 194,734 corresponding to a decrease of 96.5 percent. It is followed by Barcelona- El Prat with 148,903 passengers, corresponding to a decrease of 97.1 percent, Palma de Mallorca with 127,555, Gran Canaria with 106,541 and Tenerife Norte with 99,703. In terms of number of operations, the busiest airports were the ones with mainly non-commercial activity as Madrid-Cuatro Vientos with 4,669 operations, Sabadell with 4,163 and Jerez with 2,661.

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