6 years ago
Paul & Henriette Kjærsgaard Denmark

We’ve been holidaying in southern Spain in the last 4-5 years and have fallen for the lovely climate and the south coast.

So we started looking at properties online, which however, is an almost impossible task!

When you sit at home in Denmark, and have limited knowledge of the different areas, it is difficult to make a specific search.
The real estate agencies are moreover not particularly interested in giving the specific addresses which makes it virtually impossible even to find the interesting locations.

But we were lucky to come in contact with Homes Abroad and we told them about our wishes and price level etc. Homes abroad started immediately and sent us emails with links and pictures of interesting properties form their network.

But we were still too little concrete to accurately say what area we wanted to stay in so we therefore agreed with Homes Abroad to come down on an inspection trip! 4 days to Puerto Banus to be more specific.

Maria from the local Homes Abroad office met very professionally up at our hotel the first morning and had already agreed the first 3 viewings. During this morning we quickly concluded that we knew too little about the area for us to be concrete yet. Based on the input we had given Homes Abroad during the morning, they managed to set up an afternoon program which more was a guided trip from Estepona to Fuengirola, where the pros and cons, from area to area was very competent reviewed.

Now we could narrow down our search area to only 2-3 areas, where we would like to find our home. Then, we had the rest of the afternoon off – while Maria together with the rest of the team, found some more properties in the areas that we have chosen.

After dinner we sat down with Maria and looked at about 50 possible properties which we could choose to see the next days.

The next two days then went on with viewings of the selected properties. Homes Abroad had also arranged a meeting with a lawyer that gave us a better understanding of the process and rules in Spain – On the 3rd day after several viewings we were fortunate to be presented with the right house, with meet virtually all wish we’d had.

After 3 hectic days with Maria from Homes Abroad and various brokers from their network, we can only give Homes Abroad our absolute recommendation.

They are very competent in the field, have a huge knowledge, know many interesting and nice places and works very hard around the clock until the job is done.

Subsequently, we have been led extremely processional through the buying process and the after sales both by the law firm and Homes Abroad.

All in all a super experience.

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