Costa Brava area guide

Welcome to Costa Brava

Experience the pristine beauty of Costa Brava, a stunning stretch along the Mediterranean coast renowned for its untouched beaches, breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and rich cultural heritage.

A Natural Wonderland

Costa Brava, or 'Wild Coast,' located in northeastern Spain near the southern border of France, is a treasure trove of natural beauty. This majestic coastline features immaculate beaches with emerald waters, surrounded by aromatic pine forests. The charm of Costa Brava is further enhanced by its quaint whitewashed villages that meander down to picturesque coves and expansive sandy beaches that shape the horseshoe bays.

Culinary Excellence

The allure of Costa Brava extends beyond its scenic views. Catalonia, the region encompassing Costa Brava, boasts the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, making it a culinary hotspot. Whether you're sampling the fresh catch of the day by the seaside or indulging in refined haute cuisine, the region offers a diverse array of gastronomic experiences. The warm Mediterranean climate also nurtures excellent local vineyards, producing some of the finest wines in the area.

Artistic and Cultural Heritage

Art and culture thrive here as well. Costa Brava is the birthplace of the surrealist genius Salvador Dalí. Art enthusiasts will find inspiration visiting Dalí’s hometown of Figueres, his residence in Portlligat, and Gala’s Castle in Púbol. The coast is also dotted with significant archaeological sites, such as the Greco-Roman ruins of Empuries, offering a glimpse into ancient civilizations.

Medieval Charm

The historical richness of Costa Brava is palpable in its medieval villages. Begur, with its fortified hilltop setting, features winding cobblestone streets, unique boutiques, and vibrant eateries. Meanwhile, Peratallada, accessible via a moat, offers a fairy-tale atmosphere with its enchanting plazas and covered arcades.

Key Highlights

  • Stunning Natural Beauty: Immaculate beaches, emerald waters, and aromatic pine forests.
  • Culinary Hotspot: Highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, diverse gastronomic experiences, and excellent local wines.
  • Artistic Legacy: Birthplace of Salvador Dalí, with significant cultural sites in Figueres, Portlligat, and Púbol.
  • Historical Richness: Medieval villages like Begur and Peratallada, Greco-Roman ruins of Empuries.
  • Serene Atmosphere: Quaint whitewashed villages, picturesque coves, and expansive sandy beaches.

Embrace the serene beauty, culinary excellence, and cultural richness of Costa Brava—a truly exceptional Mediterranean destination. Contact us today to find your perfect home in this Mediterranean paradise!