Costa Tropical

Welcome to Costa Tropical

Nestled along the province of Granada, Costa Tropical remains one of Spain’s best-kept secrets, cherished by Spanish holidaymakers for its dramatic landscapes, abundant sunshine, and authentic Andalusian charm. This stunning stretch of coastline earns its name from the variety of tropical fruits it cultivates, such as chirimoya, mango, papaya, and avocado, flourishing under a unique subtropical microclimate that boasts over 320 days of sunshine annually and average temperatures soaring above 20 degrees Celsius.

A Natural Wonderland

The allure of Costa Tropical lies not just in its fertile lands but in its breathtaking natural scenery. Rugged cliffs and hidden coves border broad beaches of fine golden sands, all set against the majestic backdrop of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. This unique setting allows for the rare opportunity to ski in the mountains and sunbathe on the beach in a single day, with olive and walnut groves painting the foothills and fragrant almond and cherry trees enhancing the air.

Pristine Waters and Marine Life

The pristine waters of Costa Tropical are a haven for marine life, including diverse fish species, whales, dolphins, and mollusks. Recognized for their exceptional quality, several beaches like Playa Granada, Carchuna, and Torrenueva proudly wave the blue flag, a testament to their cleanliness and rich marine biodiversity. For adventurous spirits, the coast offers scuba diving expeditions that allow close encounters with these marine wonders.

Thriving Water Sports and Outdoor Activities

Water sports thrive here, from diving and paragliding to surfing and boating, supported by the warm, inviting waters. On land, the local towns of Almuñécar, Salobreña, Motril, Castell de Ferro, and La Rábita offer a variety of activities including golf, tennis, squash, and horse riding. These towns, with their romantic, whitewashed villages, exude a deep-seated Andalusian allure.

Enchanting Towns and Rich History

Almuñécar and its neighbor, La Herradura, are particularly enchanting, watched over by the ancient Moorish Castillo de San Miguel. Wander through their narrow, winding streets lined with quaint shops and tapas bars, where ordering a drink often comes with a complimentary tapa—perfect for an evening of leisurely bar-hopping.

Excellent Connectivity

Costa Tropical is also well-connected, making travel convenient. Regular buses link Almuñécar to major cities like Málaga, Granada, and Almería, as well as other coastal towns, with the nearest airports in these cities just about an hour away.

Key Highlights

  • Subtropical Climate: Over 320 days of sunshine annually with average temperatures above 20°C.
  • Breathtaking Scenery: Rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and broad beaches set against the Sierra Nevada.
  • Rich Marine Life: Blue flag beaches with diverse marine biodiversity.
  • Water Sports and Outdoor Activities: Diving, paragliding, surfing, boating, golf, tennis, and more.
  • Charming Towns: Almuñécar, Salobreña, Motril, Castell de Ferro, and La Rábita with their Andalusian charm.
  • Historical Sites: Moorish Castillo de San Miguel and other historical landmarks.
  • Convenient Connectivity: Regular buses to major cities and nearby airports.

A Serene Escape

Costa Tropical offers a serene escape into a world where the air is perfumed with the scent of tropical fruits, the landscapes are vividly contrasting, and the pace of life invites relaxation and adventure in equal measure. It’s an idyllic corner of Spain that promises a lifestyle of sun-drenched days and captivating nights under the Andalusian sky.

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