Line & Svend Torp Larsen

Buyer in La Herradura
June, 2022
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We have been satisfied with homes-abroad.com and Tine Villanueva, who have helped us with the purchase. We think it has been a bit of a thrill, but it is probably not your fault, as it has been a very difficult and different purchase / sale, as we understand it. Initially, the reservation agreement stated that there was furniture with it, then all of a sudden it was not there anyway. However, in the end, the seller left most of the furniture.

We think the process has been a bit heavy at times, but with your help we have found the perfect dream house in La Herradura. It was easy and simple that Tine had made all the arrangements for us when we had to inspect the various homes. It turned out, however, that we could only see a few of the homes we had selected from home, but that was because most of the homes had already been sold. Then Tine luckily found some alternatives and it ended up that we found our dream house.

We are absolutely convinced that the lawyer you referred us to has done a good and nice job. It has been a very cumbersome purchase as there were 3 sisters from Madrid selling and they did not quite agree to sell!

We will always recommend homes-abroad.com to friends and family - we have felt in good hands.


Line and Svend Torp Larsen

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