Birgit & Walter Nissen

Buyer in Puerto de Alcudia
December, 2023
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We have sold our apartment in Port de Alcudia after we got a referral to Bitten Munck Larholm from

We contacted Bitten in March 2023 and per 4.12.23 we sold the apartment.

From start to finish, we have received professional and competent case management and all agreements have been complied with to the letter.

To everybody who wants to buy or sell a property in Spain, we can warmly recommend, here you will receive professional and competent treatment.

If you want to buy or sell a property in Mallorca, ask for Bitten Munck Larholm, you won't get any better. She makes the best.

Best regards to all buyers/sellers in Spain.


Birgit and Walter Nissen

We bought this home