Flemming Pihl Knudsen

Seller in Comares
March, 2023
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Real estate sales in Andalucia, Spain. Then it is homes-abroad that you must get hold of.

After 22 years in Spain, we decided to sell our house in Comares. We have tried buying and selling before, an apartment in Almuñécar and a house in Comares, which has taught us a lot about dealing property in Spain, including several types of estate agents operating there.

We started our case process by finding a real estate agent and chose homes-abroad and their branch office in Competa.

We have had a super good sales process with homes-abroad starting with a meeting in May 2022 with Tine Villanueva and real estate agent Mikael Ingelsbo.

After various preliminary tasks, the house was placed on the homes-abroad.com website at the beginning August.

The first inquiries came after just a few days and until the beginning of October, there had been

approx. 35 interested buyers. In mid-October, a reservation contract was written and on the 17th. February 2023, the deed was written, and the purchase was completed.

Mikael and Marlene have done a great piece of sales work, so my wife and I say thank you very much.

We would also like to say many thanks for the good hours we have spent together with Marlene and Mikael the sales period.

Best wishes,

Flemming Pihl Knudsen

We sold this home