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Welcome to Casares

Discover Casares, the perfect place for those in search of authentic Andalusian village life. This classic ‘pueblo blanco’ is rich in history, beauty, and culture, all within easy reach of the coast.

A Village Steeped in History

Named after Spain’s famous former governor Julius Caesar, who is said to have visited the nearby hot sulphurous springs, Casares offers more history than much of the rest of the Costa del Sol. The village is crowned by a ruined Moorish castle, a testament to its status as one of the final strongholds of the Moors. Casares also boasts a proud history of resistance, having withstood the might of the Napoleonic army. Today, Casares fends off the excesses of the tourist industry and enchants anyone fortunate enough to visit.

Classic Andalusian Charm

In Casares, you'll find everything expected in a ‘pueblo blanco’: a maze of narrow streets lined with whitewashed buildings and vibrant flowers. The heart of the village is its central square, where you can sit and soak in the tranquil atmosphere. Casares also offers stunning walks into the Sierra Crestellina nature reserve, perfect for nature lovers.

Unique Attractions and Amenities

Casares is home to delightful artisan shops, showcasing local crafts and products. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate one of the most illustrious golf courses in the region. Properties here boast views that stretch from the mountains all the way to the Gibraltar coast, providing a picturesque setting for residents and visitors alike.

Key Highlights

  • Rich History: Named after Julius Caesar, with a Moorish castle and a proud history of resistance.
  • Andalusian Charm: Narrow streets, whitewashed buildings, and a serene central square.
  • Natural Beauty: Proximity to the Sierra Crestellina nature reserve.
  • Artisan Shops: Local crafts and products.
  • Golfing Excellence: One of the region’s most prestigious golf courses.
  • Stunning Views: Panoramic vistas from the mountains to the Gibraltar coast.

Experience the magic and tranquility of Casares. Contact us today to find your perfect home in this enchanting Andalusian village!