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Welcome to Marbella

With its cosmopolitan confidence and unbeatable climate, Marbella has been Spain’s most desirable resort for over 50 years. While Marbella exudes chic glamour, it’s a welcoming destination for everyone, not just the wealthy.

A Blend of Glamour and Golf

Marbella is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, featuring a golden mile of high-end hotels, exclusive clubs, and vibrant casinos. The city’s allure is amplified by its superb golf courses, attracting enthusiasts from around the world. Sheltered by a coastal mountain range, Marbella benefits from a unique microclimate, providing an average annual temperature of 18°C and stunning views of both the sea and mountains.

The Charm of Old Marbella

Despite its modern appeal, Marbella retains much of its original charm, especially in the old town. Explore the spotless alleys, stylish shops, and classic Spanish churches that lead to the heart of old Marbella: Plaza de los Naranjos. On hot summer nights, this historic square transforms into a bustling open-air restaurant, perfect for soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

Key Highlights

  • Glamour and Luxury: High-end hotels, exclusive clubs, and vibrant casinos.
  • Perfect Climate: Sheltered by mountains, Marbella enjoys a mild microclimate with an average temperature of 18°C.
  • Stunning Scenery: Beautiful views of the sea and mountains.
  • Golf Paradise: World-class golf courses for enthusiasts.
  • Historic Charm: Discover the soul of Marbella in the old town and Plaza de los Naranjos.

Experience the perfect blend of modern luxury and historic charm in Marbella. Contact us today to find your dream home in this enchanting resort city!