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Welcome to Los Alcazares

Los Alcázares, nestled on the curve of the Mar Menor, Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon, offers a serene escape in the province of Murcia, Southern Spain. Known for its leisurely lifestyle, this destination blends historical charm with modern-day leisure activities ranging from spas and golf to vibrant dining and nightlife.

Rich History and Leisurely Pursuits

Originally a modest fishing village, Los Alcázares has been a haven for rest and rejuvenation since Roman times when the first thermal bathhouses were established. The town’s name, derived from the Arabic 'Al Kazar', meaning ‘palace’ or ‘house of nobles’, reflects its regal past. Today, the population still triples during summer, as visitors flock to enjoy its renowned spas and thermal baths, like the historic Hotel-Spa La Encarnación, which has been offering its signature series of nine baths ('novenaries') since 1902.

A Premier Golf Destination

In recent years, Los Alcázares has evolved into a major golfing destination, with more than 30 golf courses within an hour's drive. This transformation has made the town a year-round retreat for golf enthusiasts looking for diverse and challenging courses.

Natural Beauty and Community Celebrations

The Mar Menor provides a unique backdrop, forming a tranquil, pool-like bay with temperate, shallow waters shielded by the sandy barrier of La Manga. Many of the town's beaches boast Blue Flag status, ideal for swimming and water sports. Los Alcázares is also a town of celebration, hosting numerous festivals throughout the year, including the 'Semana de la Huerta' in August, the 'Incursiones Berberiscas', and a lively independence week in October featuring music, windsurfing competitions, and fireworks.

Vibrant Promenade and Year-Round Attractions

The Promenade is the heart of Los Alcázares, bustling with shops, restaurants, and bars that cater to both the seasonal influx of tourists and the robust local community. Whether it's enjoying a meal overlooking the sea, shopping in local boutiques, or participating in one of the many cultural festivals, there is always something to do in Los Alcázares.

Why Los Alcázares?

For those seeking a blend of relaxation, historical exploration, and active lifestyle, Los Alcázares presents the perfect destination. With its soothing waters, abundant leisure activities, and vibrant community spirit, Los Alcázares offers a unique Mediterranean experience that captivates visitors year-round.