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Welcome to Mojacar

On the Costa de Almeria, in the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera is Mojacar, a mountainside village that offers a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle.

If you want a slice of traditional village life, gorgeous beaches, mountain walks with rich culture and history, beautiful Mojacar is for you.

The story of Mojácar presents an alternative history of how Spain’s Costas might have turned out. Nearly derelict and abandoned in the 1960s, an enlightened mayor offered free land to anyone willing to restore the village’s houses. Instead of putting up high rises, artists, writers and bohemians flocked to the town and helped restore the beautiful sugar cube village you see today. Now one of the most sought-after destinations on the Costa de Almería, these beautifully renovated houses are perfect for anyone looking to experience traditional village life.

Just a few minutes down the hill you arrive at the modern development of Mojácar Playa, a great example of how to successfully develop seaside tourism without changing the nature of the entire region. Here you can stretch out on one of the three Blue Flag beaches along 17 kilometres of coast or stroll along the beach front and enjoy one of the many excellent restaurants, shops and bars.



The development of the village that began in the 1960’s saw the demographics shift permanently. In Mojacar today you will be among one of the largest expatriate populations in the whole of Spain, with roughly 50% of permanent residents coming from elsewhere in Europe.


Based in one of Spain’s lesser known Costas, property is still very reasonably priced. You can choose from traditional whitewashed village houses, apartments in low rise blocks or Cortijos and villas in the surrounding countryside. The resort of Mojacar Playa is a separate entity where you can find an even greater range of apartments, many with sea views.


Although Mojacar is a small village you’ll find a supermarket, two weekly markets and a selection of interesting restaurants and bars. The area is an excellent place for sport, with a golf course on the coast and many water sports facilities. If you need anything more, head for the shopping centre at Mojacar Playa, where you will find boutiques, banks and ѕоlісіtоrѕ.


The beach is walkable in around 30 minutes, but you might prefer to make use of the regular yellow buses, particularly on the way home, as it’s all uphill. The airport in Almeria is a 60-minute drive and has its own bus service.


You will find a medical centre in Mojacar Playa, as well as an emergency clinic near the shopping centre and a pharmacy in the village.

Cost of Living

Mojacar is a great choice if you are working to a budget. The cost of living in the Almeria region is 21 percent lower than in Madrid and can offer better value than the neighbouring Costas.