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Welcome to Vera & Vera Playa

Vera, a historic walled city located 10 kilometers inland from the stunning Vera Playa, forms a vibrant municipality on the Levante coast of Eastern Almeria Province in Andalusia. This picturesque area offers a unique blend of romantic Renaissance architecture, cobbled streets, and open squares, alongside a beautiful coastal strip featuring three pristine beaches and diverse urbanizations.

Historical Riches and Romantic Architecture

Vera is steeped in history and legend. After an earthquake destroyed the original city site, legend has it that Queen Isabella I fired an arrow from a hilltop, ordering the city to be rebuilt where the arrow landed. The central Plaza Mayor is home to the impressive 15th-century Iglesia de la Encarnación, a fortified church with four towers designed to fend off invaders. The 16th-century town hall hosts the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum, providing a fascinating glimpse into the town's rich past.

Connecting Vera to the Coast

Modern developments stretch from the historic town of Vera down towards the coast, seamlessly connecting it to Vera Playa. This ensures that residents and visitors can enjoy both the cultural heritage of the town and the vibrant coastal lifestyle.

Stunning Beaches of Vera Playa

Vera Playa boasts three beautiful beaches: Playazo, Las Marinas, and Puerto Rey.

  • Playazo: Renowned as one of the most popular naturist beaches in the world, Playazo offers numerous facilities catering to the naturist lifestyle, along with the region's famous year-round sunshine.
  • Las Marinas and Puerto Rey: These beaches feature traditional Spanish chiringuitos, serving delicious food and drinks. A long walkway stretches along the sand, providing a scenic route to the neighboring town of Garrucha.

Key Highlights

  • Historic Charm: Romantic Renaissance architecture, cobbled streets, and the fortified Iglesia de la Encarnación.
  • Cultural Heritage: Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum housed in the 16th-century town hall.
  • Modern Connectivity: New developments linking Vera to Vera Playa.
  • Beautiful Beaches: Playazo, Las Marinas, and Puerto Rey, each offering unique attractions.
  • Naturist Friendly: Playazo is famous for its naturist facilities and community.
  • Coastal Walkways: Scenic beachside walkways lined with traditional chiringuitos.

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