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Welcome to San Juan de Los Terreros

San Juan de Los Terreros, a charming seaside village within the larger municipality of Pulpi, lies on the border of Almeria and is close to Aguilas in Murcia. This up-and-coming, undiscovered gem offers a unique blend of natural calm and Spanish charm.

A Historical Haven

Originally a small village protected by a 16th-century fort, San Juan de Los Terreros is steeped in history. The castle still stands proudly on the headlands, 150 meters above sea level. A brisk walk uphill rewards you with magnificent views stretching as far as Cabo Cope, a protected island known for its rare Iberian-African flora and fauna, located some 30 kilometers away.

Beautiful Beaches and Natural Pools

San Juan de Los Terreros boasts a modern town that has grown around its burgeoning tourist industry, attracting visitors with its stunning beaches. The main beach, Las Palmeras, stretches for 1 kilometer and is named for the palm trees standing tall at its edge. It’s popular with families and bathers due to its gentle, intermingled sand and shingle banks that extend out to sea.

Adjacent to Las Palmeras, Los Cocedores bay offers another natural swimming pool, sheltered by surrounding sandstone cliffs. Additionally, Mar Rabiosa, Calypso, and Mar Serena beaches are small but perfectly formed coves with fine, bright yellow sand and shallow waters, ideal for a relaxing day by the sea.

Unique Marine and Wildlife

Facing the village from the sea, the Terreros and Negra Islands and the marine beds between them are protected underwater volcanic inlets. These inlets are home to Posidonia Oceanica, underwater meadows that provide a habitat for a variety of sea life. The islands also offer safe breeding grounds for endangered nesting seabirds, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Attractions and Activities

San Juan de Los Terreros is just 15 minutes’ drive from an aqua park and a short drive inland to Oasys, a western film-themed park. The nearby town of Aguilas is renowned for its Mardi Gras Carnival, one of the biggest in Spain, adding a vibrant cultural experience to the area.

Golfers will find plenty of options, with courses in San Juan, Aguilón, and Mojacar, catering to all skill levels and offering scenic views.

Key Highlights

  • Historic Charm: 16th-century castle with stunning views of Cabo Cope.
  • Beautiful Beaches: Las Palmeras, Los Cocedores, Mar Rabiosa, Calypso, and Mar Serena.
  • Natural Pools: Sheltered swimming areas surrounded by sandstone cliffs.
  • Marine Life: Protected volcanic inlets and underwater meadows.
  • Family-Friendly Attractions: Aqua park and Oasys theme park.
  • Cultural Events: Nearby Aguilas' famous Mardi Gras Carnival.
  • Golfing: Courses in San Juan, Aguilón, and Mojacar.

Discover the serene beauty and rich history of San Juan de Los Terreros. Contact us today to find your perfect seaside home in this enchanting village!